Arbitration rules

Arbitration rules



The Centre Français d’Arbitrage de Réassurance et d’Assurance (CEFAREA ARIASFrance) is an arbitration and mediation centre, created on 10 January 1995, in the form of an association governed by the law of 1901.


CEFAREA ARIAS France is a member of the ARIAS (AIDA Reinsurance and InsuranceArbitration Society) international network, consisting of arbitration centres specialised ininsurance and created under the aegis of the AIDA (International Association of InsuranceLaw).


CEFAREA ARIAS France promotes arbitration, in France and abroad, as a method ofresolving disputes in the insurance and reinsurance industry in the broad sense. As such,CEFAREA ARIAS France aims to ensure the correct conduct of arbitral proceedings, inaccordance with the CEFAREA ARIAS France Arbitration Rules (hereafter the “Rules”).


CEFAREA ARIAS France maintains an up-to-date list of approved, competent, impartialand independent arbitrators, with particular expertise in the insurance industry.


CEFAREA ARIAS France is managed by a Board of Directors, which appoints anArbitration Commission responsible for ensuring the application of the Rules.


CEFAREA ARIAS France also has mediation rules






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